About Me

2014 NAEA Conference in San Diego!

I'm Kelsey, an Art Educator for the DeForest Area School District in beautiful DeForest, Wisconsin just outside of Madison. The 2016-2017 school year will be my fourth as a full time Art Educator. This will be my second year in DeForest. Before working for DeForest, I worked for the Stevens Point Area School District for two years and was a long term Elementary Art Educator for the Waukesha School District for five months. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and my education degree.

I will be starting the school year teaching at two K-4 elementary schools in the district, all of Yahara Elementary and one class of Kindergarteners at Windsor Elementary. This is my awesome Elementary Art Team.

Beginning of the year madness!


  1. I have being going through your blog on and off all day. I am a 3rd year art teacher as well. I just love how thorough your lessons are. May I use some of them for my classes? Congrats on being superb at putting lessons together!!

    Lana Zimmermann, Houston, Texas

    1. Thanks so much Lana. So much of what I do with my students comes from looking at blogs and expanding on the things I see other teachers doing. Absolutely use them, and feel free to change them as much as you want!

  2. Kelsey,
    I'm looking at your If the Dinosaurs came back project. Looks great, and I plan to use with my first graders. I was not clear about your tip to make the project a success: "I had a few pictures of dinosaurs on my SMART Board and had students come up and draw the shapes they saw over the top of the dinosaurs". Did you have pictures from the back of the book, or "real" dinosaurs? Can you also clarify what you mean by they came up to draw shapes "over the top of?" the dinosaurs. Seems important, but not sure what you mean. Can you please step me through t? Thanks, Andi, Palo Alto